Forest Reference Emission Levels Pakistan
Date : 05-Oct-2022

Description : A national FREL for REDD+ implementation in Pakistan and to assess effectiveness of Policies and Measures (PAMs)

National Forest Monitoring System – Measuring, Reporting and Verification
Date : 05-Oct-2022

Description : REDD+ MRV forms a core function of the NFMS.

Satellite Land Monitoring and MRV for REDD+ (National Forest Monitoring System)
Date : 05-Oct-2022

Description : Satellite Land Monitoring System (SLMS) integrates remote sensing method to assess activity data related to land use/land use change and forest degradation processes over large areas.

Sub National GHG-I_Report_Punjab-Final
Date : 11-Nov-2022

Description : Sub National GHG-I_Report_Punjab-Final

Sub-National GHG-I_Report_AJK-Final
Date : 11-Nov-2022

Description : Sub-National GHG-I_Report_AJK-Final

Sub-National GHG-I-Report_KP-Final
Date : 11-Nov-2022

Description : Sub-National GHG-I-Report_KP-Final

Date : 11-Nov-2022

Description : Subnational-GHG-I_Report_Balochistan-Final

Sub-National-GHG-Inventory Report_GB-Final
Date : 11-Nov-2022

Description : Sub-National-GHG-Inventory Report_GB-Final

Sub-National GHG-I_Report_Sindh-Final
Date : 11-Nov-2022

Description : Sub-National GHG-I_Report_Sindh-Final

Forest Cover Atlas of Pakistan
Date : 05-Dec-2022

Description : Atlas contains forest cover maps of Pakistan developed with WWF-Pakistan’s GIS Lab and Forest Inventory team.